„Поранешниот ме давеше во када, во студена вода“ – после токсичната врска почнала да вежба и бремена кревала тегови


Јанја Милутиновиќ е познат светски фитнес модел и по потекло од Србија.

Пораснала во Шведска, каде уште како 6-годишно девојче играла фудбал, а веќе десет титули има освоено и во карате.




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There isn’t a lot of things I would change looking back at my Fit Pregnancy Journey but there is a few things I would do different next time around. Being that I was physically active throughout all the 4 trimesters (on average about 5x a week) I ended up learning SO MUCH about the female body during this important time. Knowledge that you only can understand though practice and experience and which books won’t teach. Bodybuilding/Weight lifting while pregnant is still relatively new and I am so proud to be able to be one of the leading influencers at the forefront of the fit pregnancy movement. With that being said; with my knowledge and personal experience I have understood that concentrated core work/ab exercises are a waste of time during pregnancy. I know that a lot of people with fancy certifications and a bunch of meaningless letters behind their name will disagree. But if you have never been pregnant, and/or bodybuild/weight lifted while pregnant you have little to say. There is very few women who trained the way I trained during my pregnancy, and not many can say that they comfortably was able to perform 225lbs deadlifts for 12 reps at 41 weeks pregnant (and 255lbs for 6 reps) My level of fitness while pregnant is one of the highest in the world so far. In my weekly workout routine I incorporated concentrated core exercises. I did all the exercises which have been deemed as “pregnancy safe” that we see in educational books (mostly written by men that have no idea what it really is to be pregnant) Despite of doing everything according to the book, I was still left with a hole in my stomach after giving birth to my daughter. I was surprised how much we use the core in our everyday life. It was almost impossible to get up from the couch, roll over in bed, pick up something of the floor, stand on the subway or even to pick my newborn to feed her. The muscles didn’t connect, and it felt as if my spine was the only thing left to hold my body together. The fact is that pregnancy is very hard on the core and due to the pressure from expanding uterus beneath, abdominal muscles becomes stretched, lengthened, and weakened (continues in comments..)

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Кога од Шведска се преселила во Њујорк, седум години не се занимавала со спорт и потоа за две години остварила неверојатни резултати во бодибилдинг и фитнес. Неколку години била во токсична врска, а кога раскинала, својата тага ја преусмерила на кревање тегови.




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I am a go getter. A hustler. A survivor. A self made woman who is hard to control, and not afraid to stand alone. I am independent, and have been self-reliant since the age of 16. I am a hard worker and I am a smart worker. I am ambitious and I am a dreamer. There is not much that I lack when it comes to work ethic but one thing that have held me back was that the other half never put in the other half. This was until I met @dayslayerhimself The fact is that of my 3 adult relationships he is the only man who split the bills with me. In the past I cared for a man for over 5 years; paying all the bills by myself, the roof over our head, furniture, food, clothes, trips for the both of us on top of doing all the chores around the home. I was dragging on dead weight. The second man from a 3 year relationship still owe me $15.000 today. As a immigrant woman I cared for two healthy and fully capable men, both who have lived in the United States their entire lives. I can’t change the past. I can’t go back and teach myself what I know today about self love. I can only learn from my mistakes and move forward. Which I did. When I met @dayslayerhimself I really didn’t NEED a man, I WANTED a man; and I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted a man to match my work-ethic, a man with the same hunger, drive, ambition and fearless approach when it comes to taking the necessary steps for a better future. Only like that I knew that I would be able to thrive and grow to my best potential and version of me. . #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #BossLadyMindset

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Во теретана пронашла нова смисла на животот, до таа мера тренирала се до породувањето.

Иако отсекогаш се занимавала со спорт, на лошите навики и алкохолот навикнала откако поминала пет години во токсична врска. Се довела себеси до тоа да има 80 килограми и да изгледа непрепознатливо. Тогаш одлучила дека ќе го промени животот и ќе стане поздрава.

-Поранешниот партнер ме давеше во када додека по мене течеше студена вода, ми удираше шлаканици, ми ја удираше главата во ѕид и во се што му се наоѓаше во близина – рекла таа во едно интервју.

-Едно утро бев мамурна и се погледнав во огледало. Бев шокирана од она што го гледам. Го оставив не затоа што беше злоставувач, туку поради тоа што си го правев себеси. Телото ми беше непрепознатливо, па дури и моето лице. Не ми се допаѓаше она што го гледам – рекла таа.

Веднаш почнала да тренира и во теретана го запознала идниот сопруг Рајзел Мартинез кој ѝ станал поддршка и потпора.

По породувањето  за само 8 недели успеала да се врати на килажата која ја имала кога забременила.

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